Nahar Shalom Schedule

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Sunday-Thursday Minchah - Same time as the coming week's Candle Lighting Time. (Exact Times)

Every day including Shabbat - Netz Minyan (Exact Times)

Daily second minyan - 8am Hodu


Friday Night - Mincha at Candle Lighting Time, Shir HaShirim, 15minutes before candle lighting
    During Day Light Savings 6:30pm Shir HaShirim Followed by Minchah (Exact Times)

Shabbat Morning - Netz or 8:30am Hodu
Shabbat Netz Times - Click here for Shabbat Netz Time or see Weekly Schedule

Bet Midrash Schedule

Morning Seder 8am - 5pm, Evening Seder 6:30pm - 9:30pm


R' Assi Sharon's Boy's learning program 5-12 years old - 1 hour before minchah on Shabbat
R' Eliyahu Botton's Halacha Shiur - 2 hours before mincha on Shabbat
R' Moshe Botton's Mishna Shiur - 1 1/2 hour before mincha on Shabbat
R' Eliezer Botton's Adult shiur - 1 hour before mincha on Shabbat


Kollel Rabbanim
Part time paid kollel for qualified Rabbanim - 3-5 hours daily
1 hour is for teaching in Yeshiva program, 2 for individual learning
Contact - Rabbi David Botton

Yeshiva program for boys two groups 10-13 and 13-18, 8am-3pm
Contact - Rabbi David Botton